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Season 1 will mostly covers the events based off of Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3:
Ep 1-10 (Covers the events loosely based off of Mega Man 1 & Mega Man Powered Up)
Ep 11-26 (Covers the events loosely based off of Mega Man 2) {Under Development}

1: The Beginning of Mega Man Sakura
Plot: After a long day at school, Sakura walk straight to Doctor Kisuke Urahara's home to see what her amazing creator (father) has invented. Unfortunately, the evil Doctor Jail Scaglietti came and stole 8 humanoid robots that Urahara has just recently created.  Scaglietti tells Urahara and Sakura that he plans to use his 8 robots to take over the world.  After Scaglietti left, the city was under attack big robot known as "Proto Eye".  Sakura asked Urahara if he could make her into a fighting robot to protect the city and stop Scaglietti's evil ways.  Urahara was at first reluctant about this decision, but decided to do what Sakura wanted by turning her into a Super Fighting Robot.  Sakura is now equipped and fully ready for action, as she's ready to fight against Proto Eye and take down all the evil deeds that Scaglietti's has created.    

2: It Takes Guts to Have Courage Part 1
Plot: Sakura is heading to the Mountain Mines to confront against Strength (A.K.A. Guts Man).  Luckily, Urahara created an anti-virus chip which he install it inside Sakura's Mega Buster. The chip will help counteract against Scaglietti's control over the 8 robots he stole. Meanwhile, a mysterious character is watching how the overcome of the battle between Sakura and Strength will be determined. Will Sakura be able to defeat Strength and reprogram her back to now?    

3: It Takes Guts to Have Courage Part 2
Plot: After Sakura reprogrammed Strength back to her normal self, they were attacked by Krillin (A.K.A. Cut Man) who ordered by Scaglietti to eliminate Sakura. During the battle Sakura is having a hard time defeating Krillin, but luckily Strength is able to help out Sakura by letting her copy the abilities of Strength's Super Arm which will be effective enough to defeat Krillin and reprogram him back to normal. Will Sakura have enough energy and power to defeat Krillin?

4: Don't Swindle for a Ruby
Plot: Maxmillion Pegasus asks Urahara and Sakura to guard the Rudy Nova Emerald so that the evil Jail Scaglietti doesn't use it to conquer the world.  Meanwhile at Scaglietti's robot factory, Scaglietti heard about the emerald and decided to send Swindle (A. K. A. Bomb Man) to go steal the emerald and eliminate Sakura. Will Sakura be able to protect the Rudy Nova Diamond while fighting against Swindle?
Note: The episode ends with Homura Akemi (A. K. A. Time Man) obtaining the Rudy Nova Diamond and giving it to Scaglietti which he will install it for the special project that he's been developing.

5: Marucho Cools Down
Plot: Sakura, Tomoyo, and Krillin were heading toward the (insert frozen location here) to find and locate Marucho Marukura (A. K. A. Ice Man) knowing that he's been causing a lot of trouble up there.  Sakura encounters Marucho, only to have Sakura be surrounded by an army of ice bots waiting to attack her.  Even worse, Marucho froze Sakura with his Ice Slasher with a little help from his ice bots army.  Marucho commands his ice bots bring the frozen Sakura to his icy lair and also wanted to contact Scaglietti about the good news of his operation.  So it's up to Tomoyo and Krillin to rescue Sakura and the other civilians from their icy prison, stop Marucho's evil ice bots army, defeat Marucho and reprogram him back to his good side.
Note: Marucho's ice bots' appearance are similar to Preyas from Bakugan.

6: Lightning Flare
Plot: Jail Scaglietti was surprised of how Sakura was able to beat some of the robot masters (which he stole from Kisuke Urahara). So he hatched an idea of ordering Misaka Mikoto (A.K.A. Elec Man) and Lina Inverse (A.K.A. Fire Man) to go attack the power plant, draining all the electrical energy around the plant, and luring Sakura into their trap thinking that she wouldn't stand a chance against two robot masters. After Sakura arrives at the power plant, Sakura battles against both Misaka and Lina only to have Sakura being outmatched against these two. Luckily, Marucho arrived in a neck of time to help Sakura fight against the two robot masters. Will Sakura and Marucho be able to defeat both Misaka and Lina?
Note 1: Misaka Mikoto and Lina Inverse don't get along too well when their working as teams.
Note 2: A subplot of this episode involves Marucho wanting to get something special for Tomoyo, meaning that Marucho has a secret crush on Tomoyo.

7: (Insert an episode involving a short fight with Lina Inverse (Fire Man) and with Homura Akemi (A. K. A. Time Man) luring Sakura into her trap.)

8: Death Oil
Plot: After being defeated by Sakura, Homura apologizes to Jail Scaglietti for her failure and promises that she will defeat Sakura next time.  Scaglietti decided to give her another chance, but asks her to return to the healing chamber.  After that, Scaglietti calls in Death the Kid (A. K. A. Oil Man) and orders him to do whatever it takes to bring down Sakura.  He also sends in the Falcon drones to assist Death the Kid.  Once sent, the Falcon drones manages to kidnap Tomoyo and Marucho as Death the Kid waits for Sakura to arrive at the oil field!  To save them, Kisuka Urahara sends in Sakura, Krillin, Strength, Lina, Misaka, and Swindle to the oil field, where Marucho, who escaped, joins the others in saving Tomoyo from Death the Kid. When they confronted him, Death the Kid told them that he have 2 of the Sniper Joes tied up Tomoyo and held her hostage at an unknown location around the oil field.  Not only that, the group were surrounded by an army of Falcon drones and Sniper Joes as Death the Kid wishes to face against Sakura alone.  Can Sakura and her friends rescue Tomoyo and get Death the Kid back on the side of good?
Note 1: Scaglietti's falcon drones' appearance are similar to Aztec Falcon from Mega Man Zero.
Note 2: When Sakura and the others save Tomoyo and reprogram Death the Kid back to normal, Death the Kid apologizes for everything and promises to help in any way he can to make Scaglietti pay for his actions.
Note 3: Kisuka Urahara analyze the data of one of the broken falcon bots and gave Sakura the coordinates to Jail Scaglietti's Robot Factory.
Note 4: Episode ends with Sakura saying her goodbyes to Urahara and her comrades as she, Misaka, and Death the Kid heads to Jail Scaglietti's Robot Factory.

9: Sakura vs. Jail Scaglietti Part 1
Plot: As Sakura, Misaka Mikoto, and Death the Kid approaches Jail Scaglietti's Robot Factory, they are surrounded by an army of Sniper Joes and Metalls.  Death the Kid tells Sakura to head inside the factory while he and Misaka hold them off as best they can.  While inside the factory, she was confronted by Homura Akemi who was ordered by Scaglietti to destroy her.  After defeating Horuma, she was attacked by a large yellow blob programmed by Scaglietti to destroy both Sakura and Horuma.  Sakura's Mega Buster and her wand proved to be useless against the thing and she's about to be crushed by the Yellow Devil's power and strength.  Luckily, Sakura was rescued by Homura by using what's left of her time slow ability before she fainted.  Thankfully, Misaka and Death the Kid arrive to help Sakura out deal with the menacing yellow blob.  With Sakura's Fire Storm and Misaka's Thunder Beam, the two are able to cause some major damage against Yellow Devil.  Will Sakura and Misaka Mikoto have enough strength to defeat Yellow Devil?
Note: After defeating Yellow Devil, Sakura asked Misaka Mikoto and Death the Kid to carried Horuma back to Urahara for repairs and leave the factory while she goes after Scaglietti alone.    

10: Sakura vs. Jail Scaglietti Part 2
Plot: After facing many other obstacles created by Scaglietti, Sakura finally arrived to face against the evil Jail Scaglietti as he plans to destroy her with his Scaglietti Machine.  Will Sakura be able to survive against Scaglietti's flying machine?
EPILOGUE: After Sakura defeated Jail Scaglietti and ruin his plans of world domination, Scaglietti self-destruct his entire robot factory and escapes, telling her that he will have his revenge on her someday.  A few days later, Kisuka Urahara, Tomoyo, and the eight robot masters threw a party for Sakura to celebrate her victory of defeating Jail Scaglietti. Urahara was very proud of Sakura, that she's able to restore peace across the world.

11: Metal Without a Cause Part 1 (Plot Construction)
Plot: Sakura goes out to buy supplies for Urahara when suddenly Sakura bumps into a girl named Setsuna Higashi, who recently became a new friend for Sakura.  After finish talking to her new friend, Sakura gets a call from her creator Kisuka Urahara that the Industrial Facility is being attacked by an army of Mettaurs.  Sakura transforms into Mega Man Sakura once again, as she's heading toward the facility to help Krillin eliminate the Mettaur problem.  Will Sakura be able to handle the Mettaur problem?
Note 1: The episode begins with Jail Scaglietti orders one of his 8 new robot masters to fight Sakura.

12: Metal Without a Cause Part 2
Plot: Sakura was confronted by a new robot master named Eas (A.K.A Metal Man).  Eas tells Sakura that she was created with the sole purpose to defeat her.  Sakura tries her best to fight against this new enemy, but her robotic strength is too much to handle against against Eas' metal blades.  Luckily, she was able to defeat Eas and obtain a copy of her special weapon, but doing so, and the amount of damage she has taken, causes Sakura to suddenly become unconscious.  Krillin arrived in a nick of time to rescue Sakura as Eas decided to retreat for now.  After Sakura been fully repaired by Urahara, Setsuna came to see if Sakura is alright and was worried about her condition.  Urahara was able to rewire one of the broken mettaurs, included with a video transmission of Jail Scaglietti, claiming that he was one responsible for the Mettaur attack at the Facility.  Scaglietti also said that he created 8 new robot masters to challenge against Sakura.  Sakura is now determined to stop Scagletti and his 8 robot masters and fold any evil plan he has recently come up with.

13: Pain in the Woods
Plot: Sakura is heading to the forest park area to confront against Deva Pain (A.K.A. Wood Man), one of Scaglietti's 8 robot masters, who lives deep within the forest.  Deva Pain plans to absorb all energy of the forest to make himself more powerful.  Will Sakura be able to defeat Deva Pain and stop him from draining all life of the forest?

14: Vengeful Mad Ascot
Plot: Sakura and Death the Kid went to investigate the Hydroelectric Plant only to find it taken over by one of Scaglietti's robot masters.  Sakura plans to sneak inside the plant and confront the robot master while Death the Kid ... .  After getting pass the dangerous traps inside the plant, Sakura finally made it to face against Ascot (A.K.A. Bubble Man) who has been waiting for her arrivial.  Ascot wanted to make her pay for what she did to Deva Pain and vows that he will avenge him by destroying her.  Will Sakura be able to survive against the vengeful Ascot?      

15: (An episode involving Izaya Orihara [A.K.A. Flash Man] and the first appearance of Dr. Kokonoe and her robot master)

16: (An episode involving E-123 Omega [A.K.A. Air Man] and some more screentime with Eas/Setsuna Higashi)

17: (An episode involving Vita [A.K.A. Heat Man], also with Sakura and Grell Sutcliff (as "Love Man") teaming up)


19: (An episode involving Tomo Takino [A.K.A. Crash Man])

20: (An episode focusing on Horuma, along with her and Marucho battling Izaya Orihara)

21: Quick and Corrupt Part 1  
Plot: After analyzing Sakura's condition and her recently aggressive behavior, Kisuka Urahara discovers that Sakura is being infected by a virus program created by Jail Scaglietti.  It would seem that Scaglietti placed 8 pieces of his virus program into his robot masters and the virus would increase much further every time Sakura copies her enemies' special weapons after defeating them.  Luckily, Urahara, with the help of Dr. Kokonoe, developed an anti-virus program that can help counteract against Scaglietti's evil virus program from taking over Sakura completely.  Unfortunately, Dio [A.K.A. Quick Man] infiltrated Urahara's home with his incredible speed and single handedly defeated Strength and Krillin without even breaking a sweat.  Dio kidnaps Sakura and teleports himself, along with Sakura, to an unknown location.  Dio, along with the kidnapped Sakura, arrive at a destroyed factory and lets Sakura go.  Sakura chases after Dio down a vertical shaft, filled with a series of deadly fast lasers.  After reaching the bottom, Sakura refused to fight against Dio and asks him to surrender.  Dio knew Sakura won't fight, so he revealed a captured Setsuna hanging onto a wall.  This causes Sakura's personality to becoming uncontrollably furious as she's ready to show no mercy against Dio.  Meanwhile at Urahara's Lab, Urahara, worrying about Sakura's condition, was able to locate her whereabouts at Scaglietti's destroyed robot factory.  Urahara sends Misaka Mikoto to rescue Sakura and prevent her from copying Dio's Quick Boomerang before it's too late.  Will Misaka be able to make it in time to stop Sakura from infecting herself further?
Note: After Sakura defeated Dio and set Setsuna free, Setsuna attacks Sakura with a metal blade and reveals herself as Eas.  The episode ends with Sakura and Eas about to begin their rematch.
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